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I am having trouble registering my child
If you are having issues with registration, make sure you have created an account, added a participant (your child), and the correct birth date is listed.  We organize divisions by grade level, but parameters are set for ages.  Also, make sure your address matches your account when you are inputting your credit card information. If you are still experiencing issues, make sure to do this from a non-mobile device.

I can't change my password/My Team Page Constantly Loops
If you have followed the instructions to change your password, it may be a cache issue with the browser.  If parents/coaches are staying logged in while Blue Sombrero makes any upgrades (which is done every Tuesday into Wednesday morning), the system tries to catch to the latest and most current vision.  More than likely, it is keeping you in a loop while it tries to do that.

To solve this, please clear your browser's cache by pressing Control & F5 for the PC and Shift-Command-Delete for the Mac.  If that doesn't work, you may need to clear your browser history and get logged out of the site and log back in.
If this doesn't work, email Blue Sombrero support at

During registration, I entered some information incorrectly.  How do I go back and fix it?
Login to your account, click the "My Account" link, and to the right of where it says "Participants," there are 3 dots.  Hover over the dots, go down to "Edit Registration Info" and then click the child whose information you want to change.

How do I add another email to my profile?
To add another email, login to your account, click the "My Account" link on the top right.  Once you are into your profile, you will see an icon that looks like a gear (to the right of the little bell).  The page will come up to edit, add, or delete whatever information you want to change.  Make sure when you're done editing that you go to the bottom of the page and click update before leaving the page.

Where can I see my child's schedule?

Our schedules are not made public, so to see them, you must sign in.  After you have logged in, go to Team Central, then Schedules.  There is a link to sync the calendar with your phone once you are there.


How do you roster teams?
Teams are selected by schools and buddy lists on a first come, first served basis.  If the team is full you want to be on, we will look to pair your child with a child from the school you attend or common buddies.  We do not offer tryouts, drafts, etc.  We receive a lot of requests to be on the same team with friends for carpooling reasons - the good news is that at all locations, teams practice and games are at the same time for each grade level/division.   For a full explanation of our rostering policy, click here.


Where can I find a sample NL Playbook/Rulebook?
You must be a High School/College Student Head Coach or Badged Adult Volunteer to receive a NL Playbook or NL Rulebook. NL Administrators will Email Sample Playbooks for your use. Further - Next Level utilizes Hudl, a football technology that serves as a video playbook and coaching resource. Login and Passwords will be sent to Next Level High School/College Student Head Coaches and Badged Adult Volunteers. 


Where can I find my Game Schedule?

You can find your base schedule on the Next Level Site Listed under the Tab NL Flag Football - Scroll down to your site and click on it. The Website will have a base posted schedule four games. Furthermore, you can find your schedule in your account on your teampage. You must log in to find this by clicking Log In top right corner above. 

Why is my game time in My Account/Team Page different than the Practice Time? 
Unfortunately our software only allows us to input Game Times. You will ALWAYS practice on hour before your listed game time. So if you log into your account and your game this weekend as at 12:00 please report to your site at 11:00! 


Where can I find the scores & standings to our games and when will they be posted?
To view scores and standings, login to your account.  From there, hover your mouse over the black bar where it says "Team Central."  You will see the links to the see the scores and standings.  We will try to upload them as soon as possible, but we will have scores and standings posted by Monday at midnight, at the absolute latest.

Why do all the scores only show 3-0 or 1-1?
Although we do keep score on game day, point differential has no influence on your place in the standings or any tiebreakers.  Since we can't eliminate the point differential aspect in the standings from Blue Sombrero, we have decided to award 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.  We feel the only thing point differentials accomplish is to highlight large scoring discrepancies, something we want to avoid at all costs.     


Help!  I lost something!  Where can I find it?
If you have lost something at one of our sites, find the director of your site.  Each location keeps a lost and found area in their respective storage areas.  We will keep everything until the end of the year.  Once the season ends, we will donate everything to charity.


What does a Team Parent do?
A Team Parent's main role is to assist with overall league communication (timing of practice, games, changes in schedule due to weather, etc).  Student Gift: We strongly encourage a student head coach gift IF you feel he deserves one. By the way, kids love cash and gift cards (don't we all). Further the role of the team parent is to guide the team in an event there is a change in schedule and assist with overall communication. 

Should I arrange a Snack Schedule?
Many if not all of our sites have a full snack bar at our sites - we encourage parents and players to use the snack bar as much as possible/needed. If Team Parents want to arrange a snack schedule for the kids post game we are okay with it but it is certainly not mandatory. 

How many parent volunteer coaches can we have?
For the 2016 season and beyond, we will only allow 2 parent volunteer coaches.  Both coaches will be "badged," and there will be no substitute coaches. This is to standardize coaching across all levels and all leagues. 

What is the role of the Parent Assistant Coach?
The Parent Assistant Coach assists the High School Head Coach for practices and games.  They will coach offense or defense, depending on the high school coaches' preference.  There will only be 1 coach at a time on the field during play.


What equipment do I need for Flag?
Next Level will provide Shorts, Jersey's, Flags, and Balls for our league. In theory you do not need anymore equipment for Next Level but...
We highly recommend non-metal cleats, but they are not required.  Soccer cleats or football cleats work best.  For sites where practices are not on field, bring tennis shoes. (Serra)
Mouthpieces are not mandatory but may be something you would like to purchase. Because we are a winter based league you may want to purchase good Under Gear - Long Sleeves, Tights, and Football Gloves to keep the kids warm. A Beanie is also a good purchase to keep the kids' heads warm.  Any Dick's Sportings Store or similar should be able to assist you with all of the above needs. 
What size/type ball do you use for Flag?
For K-4, we use a pee-wee sized, Nike Spiral Tech ball.  5th and 6th grade will use a junior sized ball. 7th/8th grade passing leagues will use a youth sized ball, with the option of using a full-sized football.

What is the height of the basketball rim and what ball do you use for Hoops?
For the boys' leagues, Kindergarten through 3rd graders use a girls' sized ball (28.5") and the rim height is 8 1/2'.  4th grade boys and older use a boys' size ball (29.5") and hoop height (10').  

For the girls' leagues, 2nd and 3rd graders play with the rim at 8.5' with 4th through 8 graders using a regulation size hoop (10').  All grades use a girls' sized ball (28.5").


Will we play if it is raining?  What is the procedure for lightning and thunder?
We will play in the rain unless there is lightning/thunder in the area, or the site director deems that the weather has affected the field to the point where it is too dangerous to play.  If this happens, we will e-mail you and send notifications through our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  If you see bad weather, just check your email and we will reach out.  Due to limited field availability, we will NOT be making up games (unless it's playoffs) so we will try our best to play.

NOTE:  We will follow the National Federation of State High School Associations' guidelines on handling contests during lightning disturbances, which can be found here.