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Next Level Girls Volleyball - Program Overview:

The Next Level Girls Volleyball program has been developed to provide aspiring volleyball players an opportunity to learn the basic skills and functions of competitive volleyball - at an introductory yet competitive level. Our program is aimed at the youth athlete who has 'some-to-none' exposure/experience with the game of volleyball yet would like to develop the core skills required to participate at a higher level in the future (club, middle school, high school). Our staff is comprised of current high school/club-level volleyball coaches who have taught the game to a wide variety of age groups - both at the more-casual level as well as the elite club and elite high school levels. As is traditional within Next Level, all teams will be mentored/coached with the assistance of a high school student-athlete involved within the game. 

This program is instructionally based yet will contain head-to-head game activity as a secondary focus.

General Overview of League Operations:

  1. NL Girls Volleyball operates from early January through mid March
  2. All games/activity are scheduled for Sundays.
  3. Training/Games are on the same day - parents need only allocate up to a 2-hour window of availability for their child's involvement. (We don't believe in specialization, but we believe in having FUN and being competitive!)
  4. Equal playing time guaranteed for all players through constant team rotations via both skill development and game activity.
  5. Game activity will be defined as 'scrimmages' for our Skill Development Division - variance of game activity will occur through the entirety of the program.
  6. Game are played 6 versus 6 in our Game Development Divisions.
  7. Parent volunteers ASSIST our teams while helping our Student Athlete Head Coaches guide each team through the season. Core instruction is provided by our Site Director(s) and their staff.
  8. Skill Development Teams are comprised of 6 players maximum (2nd & 3rd Grade Divisions).
  9. Game Development Teams are comprised of 8 players maximum (4th - 6th Grade Divisions).
  10. Cost: $250-$325 (includes custom Nike volleyball uniform)

General Overview of League Principles:

  • Community Centric League - Kids play with their friends, classmates and/or buddies! Parents get to enjoy weekend games within their social circles or create new ones. Why not be able to hang out with your friends while enjoying the game of basketball?
  • Site Directors - Each Next Level location is staffed and operated by one of the best High School varsity hoops coaches in the Bay Area - Next Level only partners with the best quality coaches/mentors in our communities. Each Site Director acts to oversee and guide each location and their own Student Athletes!
  • Student Athlete Coaches - All teams within Next Level Girls Volleyball are coached by High School volleyball players in their respective communities with oversight and training from their Site Director (their High School/JC head coach). Our young athletes have a 'different voice' and influential element outside of the normal parental coaching element.
  • Kids First Organization - The focus at Next Level is on (1) the youth participants, (2) the High School student athlete coaches.....(X) Everyone else! The league appreciates all the parental support it receives from Parent Assistant Coaches to Team Parents to Grandparents making sure their Grandchild can get to a game. But the focus is on the kids!
  • Open League Participation - NL Girls Volleyball is open to girls from 2nd through 6th Grades. Any previous volleyball experience is NOT REQUIRED AND NOT EXPECTED! This is aimed as a developmental league to expose girls to the game of volleyball, to establish/develop the skills necessary to play the game of volleyball and to interact within a team environment.
  • Grade Based League - We firmly believe having participants play within their grade level accomplishes the most 'symmetry' within an age range. We have acute perception of where children advance both socially, athletically and behaviorally. We feel kids are best served when they participate with their peers and friends - grade based leagues match this better then other methods.
  • Kids Will Be Known - League President Patrick Walsh like's to say, "you child will be known and will be loved!" To create a unique bond with the league and their peers, each child will be embraced as an individual - they will begin each season with a personalized jersey (choice of number and name listed on the back) which will represent them as an individual. Wear them to school, wear them to the supermarket...just wear them proudly!
  • One Trophy League - Next Level is a 'one trophy league', only one team (of course all members of the championship team) will go home with the Champions trophy at the end of the season. There are many of life's best lessons learned via winning, losing and competition. Our league supports recognition and support of character, but not artificial support provided by a trophy merely for 'participation'. 
  • Unique Balance - This league was formed through many elements, inclusive of 50+ years of youth sports involvement as players, coaches, parents and everything in between. The most difficult achievement is a balance between competition and maintaining proper perspective in youth sports (yes, even for ouy loving parents!). Our league, the rules which govern it, along with our staff constantly evaluate and alter our course to achieve this balance.


Links to our Next Level Girls Volleyball Locations:

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